Today is better  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Whenever I talk about my kids, people say, "Cherish these days, they go by so fast."

And I do. I get it.

But still, I marvel at my kids more every day, and seriously, I love them more every day. So, while I do cherish who they are today, and while I do miss some aspects of their yesterdays, the truth is, I can't wait until tomorrow! I can't wait to appreciate them more, be amazed by them more, marvel at them them more.

I'm not trying to rush anything. And thankfully, God controls the clock, not me, so there is enough time every day - every moment - to love and appreciate them in the moment. And plenty of time to reminisce.

But like the song says, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow."

I wouldn't trade today with my kids for all the yesterdays in the world.

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I have never been one who thought it went by fast. My children are now 24 and 26...and, it seems like just that amount of time! Every day is great, the NOW always seeming to be the best time. Each age has it's GREAT aspects and it's TOUGH parts too! Have fun with kids are still my best friends.
You're doing it just right. Enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow. I am telling you it gets better and better!
They are so adorable, Tony!

6/03/2009 6:18 PM

Lovely cute kids!!!

7/14/2009 1:51 AM

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9/07/2011 4:24 AM

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