Satchmo Night  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Last night was kind of a new treat for me. After displaying my Louis Armstrong collection at the Norman P Murray Center throughout February, we presented a free showing of the documentary "The Wonderful World Of Louis Armtsrong". It was so great to be able to spend an evening sharing the music of this legendary figure. Most people don't even know how important he was to American music - I can guarantee you, without reservation, that no matter what music you listen to - from jazz to rock to techno - his influence is prevalent.

I'm not good at guessing crowd sizes, but maybe 150 came out, from teenagers to people in their 90s. I spoke for about ten minutes and then we watched the documentary (which brought several people to tears) and I closed the night with some Q&A and by playing a song live.

It was cool to see the people who came out. Many people from the community whom I've never met but who share an appreciation for Armstrong (a couple people even brought their own memorabilia to share!); some friends from Saddleback Church were there; and a couple friends I haven't seen in many years - Jayne Osborne, who I'm not sure I've seen since high school in '84, and Mark Divers, who I haven't seen since probably the late 80s. Mark is a wonderful trombone player and because he let me know ahead of time that he was coming, I asked him to bring his horn, and he got up to play with me. So much fun.

Louis Armstrong died in 1971...amazing how much joy he still brings.

(My display is still up through the second week of March. You can also see it online at my website. Click HERE, then click on "Satchmo")

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