Satchmo Night  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Last night was kind of a new treat for me. After displaying my Louis Armstrong collection at the Norman P Murray Center throughout February, we presented a free showing of the documentary "The Wonderful World Of Louis Armtsrong". It was so great to be able to spend an evening sharing the music of this legendary figure. Most people don't even know how important he was to American music - I can guarantee you, without reservation, that no matter what music you listen to - from jazz to rock to techno - his influence is prevalent.

I'm not good at guessing crowd sizes, but maybe 150 came out, from teenagers to people in their 90s. I spoke for about ten minutes and then we watched the documentary (which brought several people to tears) and I closed the night with some Q&A and by playing a song live.

It was cool to see the people who came out. Many people from the community whom I've never met but who share an appreciation for Armstrong (a couple people even brought their own memorabilia to share!); some friends from Saddleback Church were there; and a couple friends I haven't seen in many years - Jayne Osborne, who I'm not sure I've seen since high school in '84, and Mark Divers, who I haven't seen since probably the late 80s. Mark is a wonderful trombone player and because he let me know ahead of time that he was coming, I asked him to bring his horn, and he got up to play with me. So much fun.

Louis Armstrong died in 1971...amazing how much joy he still brings.

(My display is still up through the second week of March. You can also see it online at my website. Click HERE, then click on "Satchmo")

Candice's Blog  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

After a year of "I don't get why you're spending all that time blogging and reading other people's blogs...", my wife Candice finally has her own blog. Check it out HERE

(4.5 years married, and I finally win one!)

Gerry Niewood  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

If you know anything about my musical life, you know I was largely influenced by famed flugelhornist Chuck Mangione. This isn't a blog about him, though, but about his saxophonist, Gerry Niewood, who played on many of Chuck's early landmark records and rejoined him on tours over the last few years.

Gerry died on Continental Flight 3407 yesterday, as did Chuck's guitarist Coleman Mellett.

While I occasionally get to perform with several Mangione musicians from years past (including two of his current musicians, Dave Tull and Kevin Axt, who, thankfully, were not on that flight), I never met Gerry or heard him play live. But, oh, the hours I spent listening to his recordings. I know those solos by heart. He was amazing.

Most musicians dream of leaving a musical legacy behind. When we die, we hope people would continue to listen to what we played. So, since you're here, please take a minute to honor him by watching this video of Gerry playing live with Chuck in the early 1970's. He plays a great solo starting at the 1-minute mark, for about 2-1/2 minutes.

Rest in Peace, thank you for the music.


Posted by Tony Guerrero

It's been raining a lot lately...and I bet you haven't seen this in a long time...
You're welcome.

The Louis Armstrong Collection  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Hope you'll come check this out:

"In celebration of Black History Month, The Norman P. Murray Community Center
in Mission Viejo has installed a gallery featuring Tony Guerrero's personal
collection of Louis Armstrong Memorabilia. The display will be open to the
public for the entire month of February. Stop by any time during regular
operating hours to view items from Armstrong's storied career, including
autographed records, concert programs, his personal handkerchief, and much,
much more.

Also at the center, on Friday, February 27, at 7:00pm, Tony will host a FREE
screening of "Satchmo", a documentary on the life of Louis "Satchmo"

Be sure to stop by this month and examine the life of the man considered to
be the singularly most important figure in American music.

The Norman P. Murray Community Center is at 24932 Veteran’s Way, Mission Viejo.
For more information, call 949-470-8452."

My niece is funny.  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

This is my niece Alina. She came over today to play with Ella.

She took a little Princess dress and placed it over another Princess dress.

I said, "Oh, good, you put the dress on the dress. Maybe you should put the shoes on the shoes and let the pony ride the pony."

She said, "Maybe Uncle Tony should say 'shh' to Uncle Tony."

I love sarcastic kids.

P.S. She is starring in Jackie Chan's new movie. Read part of his blog about her HERE.
(Bet she didn't tell him to 'shh'...)