That's right...I bought Gene Simmons coffee.  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I went to the NAMM show today - its the annual convention where all the musical instrument manufacturers go to show their new product lines. Zillions of music celebs attend. Maybe I'll blog about it later.

But for now, just know that today, I bought "The God Of Thunder" a decaf coffee and a scone at Starbucks.

How big of a deal is that? When I was a kid, KISS were like super heros to me and my friends. I owned all their records. My room was covered in KISS posters. I was at their "KISS Alive II" concert in 1977. My first band played KISS songs. I dressed as them for more than one Halloween (see pic below).

I am a musician today largely because they made me want to be a rock star when I was a kid.

And today, I stood in line with and bought coffee and a scone for Gene Simmons.
He shook my hand and thanked me, twice. Cool.

<-----Me as KISS drummer Peter Criss in 1978.

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I wanna rock and roll all night...and party everyday...with a coffee and a scone? Oh, Gene, how times have changed.
Saw KISS--1978ish. An unknown band called "Cheap Trick" opened up for them at the Fabulous Forum.
Yep, those were the days...
Congratulations! Such a treat!

1/16/2009 4:40 AM

Well, Gene is a confirmed tee-totaler. But if you saw KISS with Cheap Trick at the Forum, that was likely August of 1977 - same show I was at!
Where'd you sit? :)

1/16/2009 6:28 AM


1/16/2009 8:18 PM
dawn maestas  

Unbelieveable. KISS Army!!!

4/15/2010 3:46 PM

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