Proud of my Pastor & Country  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Yesterday, I was very proud to see my pastor take the podium at the inauguration. Seeing someone you know in an international moment is indeed a strange experience! The picture above was taken as the staff of Saddleback Church - his staff - gathered to watch him.

While I'm at it, you know I didn't vote for Obama, but yesterday I was also proud of him. The racial barrier is, of course, a landmark, and I cannot help but admire the man who broke that barrier. But he has also handled this transition with dignity and humility. Of course, his performance on the job remains to be seen, but I have committed to pray for this president and to support him as I can, AND to oppose him in the areas I feel strongly about. That's my responsibility - and yours.

And I was proud of our country yesterday. I was reminded of just what a great country we live in. A peaceful transition of power - do you realize just how horrible power struggles are in other parts of the world? That God has allowed me to live in this country will not be lost on me.

Finally, I am proud of our ex-President. More so, I am grateful. He has kept us safe for these last eight years since 9/11. I wish more Americans recognized him for this. What a shame. He has every right to leave the office bitter at the ungrateful American people, but instead chose to offer one of the most notably courteous transitions on record. He has had nothing but praise and support for the new President.

My favorite line of the day was Obama's statement to terrorists: "Your people will judge you by what you build, not by what you tear down”. Awesome.

Okay, on we go to this next season of history!

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I'm so grateful to be alive during this time. Amazing event.

1/24/2009 7:05 PM

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