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Hubert Laws & Stevie Wonder

Herbie Hancock

Yesterday, I was honored to be among the 300 or so mourners at Freddie Hubbard's funeral. To be there as so many living jazz legends paid tribute to another who has passed…well, it will not be forgotten by me anytime soon.

There were, among the crowd, many known musicians with whom I've had the honor of sharing the stage and got to reconnect with, and several I didn't know personally but of whom I've been a long time admirer. Among the attenders, speakers and performers were Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Bennie Maupin, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Marcus Miller, Christian McBride, Patrice Rushen and many more. Hearing Stevie Wonder play Freddie's tune "Little Sunflower" on harmonica was a highlight.

There were several moments I wanted to grab my phone and take a video or photo, but ultimately, I was there to honor Freddie - not just as a jazz fan, but as someone who was a recipient of his personal kindness and generosity, and I felt those memories would be more significant to me tucked away in my head rather than on a cheesy cell-phone video. (The pictures above are from the press.)

The pastor ended with a wonderful message about the significance of the trumpet in Scripture. Blowing the trumpet was always a call to something - to gather the people, to prepare for battle. And so many people around the world were touched over the last five decades because this one man knew how to 'blow the trumpet'. As the preacher said - "Gabriel, get ready for Freddie…you have a new lead trumpet player on his way!"

Blow the trumpet, Freddie. You were the greatest.

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I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing...
I love Stevie Wonder.

1/07/2009 11:54 AM

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