The Journey to Yucaipa, and beyond  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

One of the most rewarding creative experiences I have ever had was back in 2005 when Shawn King and I co-wrote "The Journey", a musical re-telling of the Nativity story. Seeing a vision become reality and be played out by a huge cast and orchestra was such a thrill, and the icing on the cake is that churches and theater companies around the country have been doing the show these past few years. Last year I flew to Florida to watch a production of it. Very unique experience to walk into a room and see your heart's work played out by strangers!

Last Saturday, Shawn and I were able to see The Journey at a very small regional theater in Yucaipa, CA. When Saddleback did it, it was a huge production, but we wrote it hoping it would translate to small productions as well. This theater only seats a tiny audience, and the stage is about as small as they come. But the cast (of mostly amateurs) poured their hearts into it and presented our show so lovingly and with such care. What made the night more fun was that, just an hour before show time, my niece called me from St. Louis, Missouri, having just walked out of a production of The Journey in a local church there.

If you saw Saddleback's production, you might get a kick out of seeing these pictures from the small Yucaipa theater's production:
So fun to see the sets and our characters done by different people!

Hope your "journey" to Christmas this year is a blessed one!

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