Freddie Hubbard...R.I.P.  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Freddie Hubbard, a musical hero of mine and the man whom I consider to be the last great innovator of the jazz trumpet as well as someone I had the distinct honor of spending quality one-on-one time with, died this morning.

If you didn't read my previous blog, please details my summer spent in his company. I reposted it HERE and I have also included an audio excerpt of ME actually giving HIM a trumpet lesson (read the story!).

And, while you're here, to help me honor him, take a moment to watch this YouTube clip.
It was impossible to choose just one clip to capture him, so this one is as good as any.
You do not have to know anything about the trumpet or jazz to recognize that this man played with fire and passion. You'll need to watch through his solo - about 3 minutes. (You may recognize the pianist as Herbie Hancock, also the subject of an earlier blog. And you may recognize the tune - these are the guys who recorded it originally in the 60s and were sampled in the 1993 remake hit.)

Rest in peace, Freddie. Thank you for the music and the inspiration, and for your generosity to me.

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