Brush With Greatness, Pt 5  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

About a year after high school, I ended up getting the opportunity to be the band leader for an upcoming stint in Las Vegas. I would be leading the band for two 1950's legends, Bobby Day ("Rockin' Robin") and The Coasters (the group had one original member left...other original members were also touring with their own version of The Coasters). Turned out the promoter was kind of a shyster, so I ended up backing out before it happened, but there is one night worth talking about.

Since I still lived at home, I rehearsed the band in my parent's garage. One night, Bobby Day and one of the Coasters came over to rehearse. We were doing Bobby's classic "Rockin' Robin", and of course, the neighbors could hear us. One of them came over and said, "Wow, he sounds just like the original!", to which I answered, "He IS the original." Within a few minutes, the buzz spread and suddenly all the neighbors were in our driveway having a sock-hop...dancing to two 1950's legends right on their own street in a once-in-a-lifetime private concert.

I'd forgotten all about this until I happened to hear "Rockin' Robin" on the radio recently. I love the music biz.

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