I Can't Stay Silent  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I can't stay silent. I haven't been blogging much, because all I want to write about is the election, but I've always tried to avoid these kinds of issues on a public level. However, I've decided that I do want to get all these thoughts out of my head and on 'paper'. If you're interested in reading my thoughts on the election, click the link for my new Election Blog - "My Political Aside".

Just click here:

Otherwise, stay tuned and this blog will return to its regularly scheduled programming.

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Tony - I read your new BLOG (and keep up on your current BLOG) and appreciate the time and effort you put into the political ideas. I am a Republican and cannot understand anyone who is an Independent because that implies that sometimes you vote Democrat depending on the person. Remember, the person brings along the party and all who are associated with it. You are actually voting for the party when you vote for a person and will get what the party stands for instead of what beautifully said things were spoken by the person. This is where Obama shines. People completely forget that he is bringing along the party and all of those who you wouldn't even dream of supporting. Got to keep that in mind when you vote.

Thanks for your comments on the key issues.

10/08/2008 8:13 AM

What's going on Tony. My name is Johnny Sierra and I have been looking for some fellow worshipers that I can blog with and I found you. In regards to your post we'll you have to follow what God is putting into your heart. Yes we do want change but we need to understand the presidential candidates's moral's and values as well, and what they stand by. Keep that in mind. Take care my friend.

10/14/2008 1:48 PM

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