The best Tuesday morning in quite a while...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I used to fish all the time - almost everyday. Usually it was freshwater fishing - a lake, a boat and some good size bass - because that was readily available to me. But my few excursions deep-sea fishing were always such a blast and were probably my favorite times (nothing beats eating a piece of raw tuna cut straight off the fish...mmmm, sashimi!).

Well, after about 7 years or so, I was back on the water today with my good friend John. The fishing wasn't amazing, although I nearly caught my limit in sea bass, but it was still so great to be out there. It took me the first couple hours, however, just to remember how to do everything again - you should have seen my pathetic first cast! After catching a couple birds, losing bait to a seal and being hit in the head by a pelican, the fish finally started to bite for me. In fact, I nearly caught the biggest of the day (and would have won the $$ pool!) but was beat out at the very last minute by someone's slightly larger catch. I ended up coming home with some great filets, though!

There are few better reasons to set your alarm for 4:30am. Fish tacos, anyone?

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Yum! And did you happen to get footage of you getting hit in the head by a pelican? That'd be GREAT to watch :)

9/17/2008 7:40 PM

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