14 Days  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I have just completed a much-needed two-week break from my work at Saddleback. Saddleback is a place that never rests, so the job is constantly busy - not only are there big projects going on all the time (like the Presidential Forum!), but our team still has to pull off every weekend. It had been a long time since I had time off, and I needed to take a brief breather.

And we packed a lot in! Here's my list of what I did:

1. Several days in the studio writing (three new songs!) and recording.
2. Actually recorded and released an entire album in a day (see previous post)
3. Rekindled my love of deep-sea fishing (see earlier post)
4. Learned to make ceviche
5. Entertained dinner guests, including a lovely night with Debby & Ernie Rettino (Psalty!) and author Sally Morgenthaler
6. Spent a couple days on at a beachfront hotel in San Diego celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary
7. Went to the movies (DeNiro & Pacino!)
8. Watched a ton of news about the upcoming election. (I'm fighting the urge to post my views)
9. Played some jazz gigs with some great musicians
10. Played a concert celebrating the release of the new HiFi Quintet CD (click here)
11. Met friends for lunch
12. Rekindled my love of stunt kite flying (see picture)
13. Celebrated my 42nd Birthday with friends on the beach
14. Laid in bed sick for 2-1/2 days
15. Spent a lot of time playing with my kids
16. Went hot-air ballooning
17. Took the kids to Adventure City
18. Went to the mountains to go apple-picking
19. Practiced
20. Went to the beach more than once
21. Got pulled over and, for the first time ever, avoided a ticket!

Hmmm...I need a break. Back to the office to get some sleep!

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