Another New CD...!  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

First, thanks to those of you who checked out my new solo CD, "Apasionado" (from my post last June). If you haven't, you can find it on iTunes...just open iTunes and do a search or click HERE

My band, The Hi-Fi Quintet, has also released a brand new CD! I iinvite you to check it out by clicking HERE. You can listen to the tunes and even purchase it if you like!

Hope you enjoy it...!

14 Days  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I have just completed a much-needed two-week break from my work at Saddleback. Saddleback is a place that never rests, so the job is constantly busy - not only are there big projects going on all the time (like the Presidential Forum!), but our team still has to pull off every weekend. It had been a long time since I had time off, and I needed to take a brief breather.

And we packed a lot in! Here's my list of what I did:

1. Several days in the studio writing (three new songs!) and recording.
2. Actually recorded and released an entire album in a day (see previous post)
3. Rekindled my love of deep-sea fishing (see earlier post)
4. Learned to make ceviche
5. Entertained dinner guests, including a lovely night with Debby & Ernie Rettino (Psalty!) and author Sally Morgenthaler
6. Spent a couple days on at a beachfront hotel in San Diego celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary
7. Went to the movies (DeNiro & Pacino!)
8. Watched a ton of news about the upcoming election. (I'm fighting the urge to post my views)
9. Played some jazz gigs with some great musicians
10. Played a concert celebrating the release of the new HiFi Quintet CD (click here)
11. Met friends for lunch
12. Rekindled my love of stunt kite flying (see picture)
13. Celebrated my 42nd Birthday with friends on the beach
14. Laid in bed sick for 2-1/2 days
15. Spent a lot of time playing with my kids
16. Went hot-air ballooning
17. Took the kids to Adventure City
18. Went to the mountains to go apple-picking
19. Practiced
20. Went to the beach more than once
21. Got pulled over and, for the first time ever, avoided a ticket!

Hmmm...I need a break. Back to the office to get some sleep!

A New World Confirmed  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I did a recent blog post on how the recording industry has changed because of home studios and the internet. I have put that to the test.

I woke up yesterday with an idea and decided to look on iTunes for wedding music, just because I was curious as to how much was available on the biggest internet music provider. I figured there are probably thousands of brides who can't afford to hire musicians for their ceremony and look online for the appropriate music to play. Sure enough, searching for "wedding music" brought up a list of choices, but surprisingly less than I expected. And what I couldn't find (although I didn't look through all of them) was the traditional pipe organ/trumpet combination.

So, I spent the whole day recording 15 individual tracks of the most traditional wedding music with live trumpet and cathedral pipe organ, in different combinations and at different lengths (so brides could choose the length of a song based on how long they will be walking - nothing worse than a bride reaching the alter and standing there for two more minutes while the music finishes!).

I finished by the end of the day, created a simple CD cover (pictured), and then uploaded the whole project to a service that distributes CDs to all the major online retailers (iTunes, Napster, Amazon, emusic, Rhapsody, and more) as well as all the international services (Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada, South America, etc). In 6-8 weeks, these recordings will be available to any bride from anywhere in the world who searches online for 'wedding music'.

So, I took an entire CD project from 'idea', to the 'studio', and to the 'worldwide marketplace'...all in ONE DAY! Now, I won't win any Grammys for these recordings, but this kind of quick turnaround was unthinkable when I started recording albums.

Getting married soon? Have I got a product for you...!

Just call me Ansel  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary at a beachside resort in San Diego. These photos were taken right outside our room. I think these shots officially make me a good photographer. (Click on them to see them bigger!)

The best Tuesday morning in quite a while...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I used to fish all the time - almost everyday. Usually it was freshwater fishing - a lake, a boat and some good size bass - because that was readily available to me. But my few excursions deep-sea fishing were always such a blast and were probably my favorite times (nothing beats eating a piece of raw tuna cut straight off the fish...mmmm, sashimi!).

Well, after about 7 years or so, I was back on the water today with my good friend John. The fishing wasn't amazing, although I nearly caught my limit in sea bass, but it was still so great to be out there. It took me the first couple hours, however, just to remember how to do everything again - you should have seen my pathetic first cast! After catching a couple birds, losing bait to a seal and being hit in the head by a pelican, the fish finally started to bite for me. In fact, I nearly caught the biggest of the day (and would have won the $$ pool!) but was beat out at the very last minute by someone's slightly larger catch. I ended up coming home with some great filets, though!

There are few better reasons to set your alarm for 4:30am. Fish tacos, anyone?

4 Years Ago Tomorrow...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

(If you click on the picture it gets bigger!)

The Home Studio Revolution  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

In the old days, getting your music recorded required a sizeable budget and the rental of a big, fancy studio. These days, people can recreate that in their own home, often with better results, with the purchase of a computer and a few pieces of gear. I was around as the shift began to take place in the very late 80's and early 90's and as it crystalized in the late 90's and 2000's. I remember many early discussions about how it would change the industry, and it did. But in those early days, no one was talking about the internet.

Nowadays, the internet means that two people with recording studios can work together without being in the same room, or the same state, or the same country. I do more recording sessions these days in the privacy of my recording studio and sending files over the internet than I do traveling to studios to work with the people I'm recording with. I record my trumpet or keyboard parts for producers and artists as far away as Europe and never even meet them. These days, you can be in a studio in Los Angeles directing an orchestra that is playing in Chzecoslovakia - live and in real time.

Recently, my friend Scott Reed and I wrote a song together over the phone. We started at around 6am (we have kids!) and by sending recorded files back and forth, we had a finished recording by 10am - and he lives in St. Louis! Today, I started writing with one of my favorite worship songwriters who lives in Colorado and whom I may not actually see face to face for years!

Times have changed - I'm glad I got to experience the old way, but, man, I love the new way!