I'm Back!  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

So, what's been up?
Here's a Top 11 run down of my last few weeks…in no particular order…

1. Spent a week in Austin, Texas at the Nat'l Worship Leader's Conference.
Highlights include:
- Great BBQ forced on me by Pastor Dave. He chided me for putting A1 on a fresh Texas steak. He might be right, but I love me some A1.
- Two nights of Jazz Jam at The Elephant Bar in Downtown Austin
- Hanging with good friends…Phil, David, Scott, Suzie, Sarah, Cathi, Julie, and many more from the worship community.
- Teaching some over-packed classes (actually had to teach a make-up class at lunch one day!)
- Some great concert performances from a veritable who's who in worship music
- The world premiere of El Trio De Amor - ahem.

[PICS: The Elephant Bar, Crowded Class]

2. Celebrated my wife's 29th Birthday…well, sort of. We went to dinner (finally tried that fondue place, The Melting Pot), and she went scrapbooking with her friends (she's becoming quite the artist!). We kept it kind of low-key this year, because next year it's her 30th…and she's expecting big things from me. After my 40th and the Chrysler 300 she got me, there's a lot of pressure on me to deliver. A weekend getaway to Barstow ain't gonna cut it.

3. Took our first formal family portraits…my wife and children are beautiful. Turns out, I'm the ugly one! And all these years I thought I was hot. We're hoping Photoshop will fix me up a little.

4. Did a quick turn-around trip to Nashville. Why, you ask? Oh, just to do a little session with CeCe Winans recording my song!! She cut "He Is Emmanuel" for the upcoming David Pack produced "Rick Warren's Purpose Of Christmas" CD, a joint venture with Wal*Mart. That's right, I'm that cool.

[PIC: Me & CeCe, although she'll kill me for posting this pic since she didn't have make-up on and almost wouldn't let me even take the photo!)

5. The day I returned from Nashville, I went straight to the studio to work with David Pack on his tune for the same CD.

6. Released the new Hi-Fi Quintet CD and started back up doing some gigs with them.

7. Played a new local jazz club (crownsteakhouse.com) that looks like it could be a cool thing.

8. Started the Saddleback "Jazz Under The Stars" series, which is every Sunday night in August, including one night with Hi-Fi and one night with my band from the "Apasionado" CD. The first night was a hit - wonderful night. Check out saddlebackconcerts.com

[PIC: Jazz Under The Stars]

9. Have been fielding a flurry of communications regarding the upcoming John McCain/Barrack Obama Civil Forum (McBama, we're calling it!) on August 16th. I'm the music director for the event.

10. Preparing for next Monday night's Apologetic Panel, a night when myself and several other apologetic teachers will be fielding open questions on evidence for the Christian faith.

11. Had my nieces from St. Louis, Lexi & Alana, staying with us for a few days. Candice took them everywhere. We bought them a Nintendo Wii, because, yes, we're that cool.

So, you can see it's been a little busy. What have you been up to?

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Oh, I KNOW you've been busy... ahem.... are you done yet???!! :)

8/10/2008 12:17 AM

I was just in Kenya feeding the homeless and washing street children and visiting the imprisoned and visiting the orphans.
You totally win.

8/10/2008 3:07 AM

Uh, Julie...I think somewhere along the line, someone misled you about the meaning of the word "win"- washing street children in Africa trumps just about everything!!

8/10/2008 6:26 AM

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