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One of the things that comes with age is perspective. When you're a kid, the world you live in - your friends, your hobbies, your neighborhood - those are the whole world to you and you picture them going on forever. Summer vacations were an eternity - now three months is nothing.

In High School I remember daydreaming about all the great things my friends and I would do together throughout our lives, so it was a bit of a surprise when graduation came and that circle of friends wasn't together anymore. But I soon had a new circle in college...which lasted until college was over. Then my early twenties circle. Then my music and touring days circle. And so on, and so on, until the place I'm at now.

The fact is, our lives go in phases. Chances are, for many of us, the faces we see regularly today - friends, co-workers, etc. - will be different 5 or 10 years from now - or less. The same is true of our jobs, our living situations, our pastimes...

And while I often mourn the loss of previous 'phases' in my life, I also often wonder what's to come - which new people have I yet to meet who will become integral to my life, or will even just help me create new memories. And who will come after them? How many more phases do I have left?

It all makes you appreciate those people and things that do stay with you during the many phases. FOr example, I have some friends that go back to elementary school - some 33 years back. And throughout my life and all my many pursued interests, my music has been a constant. Those are familiar and safe to me - like home. And my wife and I spoke tonight about how our kids will always be our kids - no matter who else comes and goes.

I'm thankful for the ones still with me, thankful for those who have come and gone, and so curious about the ones to come.

And now, allow me to phase out and go to bed...

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...and yet God stays the same. And, we actually did lower the crib last nigh, so all should be well for a while.

8/14/2008 6:09 AM

that's deep babe! Now you have me thinking of all the 60 year old hotties I'll be meeting after you're gone! Not good. Don't leave this earth before me. LOVE YOU!

8/19/2008 9:30 PM

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