Fake Bird Life Lessons  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I had a great day yesterday taking my daughter Ella, who is just over 2-1/2, to the Orange County Swap Meet. [I have a long history with the Swap Meet - my family used to go there every weekend when I was a kid, and my second job ever was working there selling pet supplies and oak toilet seats to earn money to go to Hawaii with my high school marching band in 1980-81.]

Ella was captivated by a little $3 fake bird in a cage. It tweets, spins, bobs and looks fairly real to a 2-1/2 year old, I assume. And she hasn't tired of it yet, which is great. So, here's some questions: Does she think its a real bird? And if so, am I lying to her by playing along? Am I a bad dad if I keep up the charade to buy myself a couple years before I have to welcome a real pet into the house? Can I get away with a fake dog? Should I teach her her first lesson in death by letting the batteries wear out?

Parenting is so confusing.

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This is cute. I think you may be over-thinking it... she'll probably tear the head off of it or something before she really knows if it's real or not.... Or Nico will when he gets his hands on it :)

9/08/2008 9:58 PM

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