Why me, oh Lord?!?  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Why, when my wife offers get up with the kids to let me sleep in, did I wake up at 4:00am and find myself still unable to fall back asleep an hour and a half later?

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It's payback for making me drive up to your grandma's house that time.

7/19/2008 2:00 PM

My GF Ashley Goldsmith went to Thailand with you.

I work nights on Facilities at Saddleback. One of the guys I work with has a lot of questions about creation and evolution, but we are stuck working everywhere else at church during examine the evidence. After it finished I grabbed the fill in the blank packet. He filled it out that night, using the answer sheet. He said it helped out a lot.

Thought you would like to know those two things

7/20/2008 1:20 AM

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