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Posted by Tony Guerrero

Michael's comment on my last blog ("Why me, oh Lord?") refers to a story worth telling.

Mike and I have known each other since Jr. High (that's right - the late 70's!). He could always be counted on for a favor - that is, if you could pry him away from some nerdy arcade game.

So, cut to 1992. One hot summer Saturday, most of my family was spending the day packing and moving my grandmother out of her Hollywood apartment and into a nursing home and hour or so north of L.A. I couldn't help because I was playing a gig with my band that day, and I needed the money. In fact, I had just moved into a new apartment, and I couldn't even afford a fridge, so I was renting one. Naturally, when my mom called and said, "Hey Tony, do you want Grandma's refrigerator? It's only two months old, but you can have it for free...", I was thrilled. Of course I did!

The problem was, it had to be picked up that day, or they'd have to give it to someone else. But I couldn't go, because I had a gig! I was going to lose a free brand new fridge! I called Mike.

"So, Mike…what are you doing today…?"

"Not much…why?"

"Ummm…any chance you'd come to my apartment, grab my truck, drive it to Hollywood [about an hour away] and pick up a refrigerator for me?"

He said yes.

In a million years, I don't think you'd ever convince me to say yes to something like that. I barely like even walking to my own fridge for a snack, much less spend my precious weekend driving in mid-day traffic, hot and sweaty in a beat-up pickup truck with no A/C, just to pick up a huge appliance for someone else.

But he did it.

So far, the story sounds pretty heroic. Here's where it gets funny.

As I watched him drive off in my truck to head to Grandma's, my phone rang inside the apartment. I ran in to answer - my gig had just been cancelled. I ran back out the front door…I could still see his taillights…but he couldn't hear my yells (this is before we all had cell phones).

Mike was just beginning his trek on my behalf, and I couldn't stop him.

To make matters worse, once he got there, he ended up being coerced into helping them with Grandma's entire move. Mike spent the whole day with my family, moving my grandma from one distant city to another.

Me? When Mike was merely a mile or so away, with my gig cancelled, I laid out on my couch, remote in hand, watching TV and drinking a refreshingly cold lemonade (chilled in my soon-to-be-replaced rented fridge) and enjoyed one the most relaxing leisurely days of my twenties.

Many hours later, when Mike returned with my new fridge, can you believe he actually expected me to help him unload it? The nerve of some people.

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ok, that was laugh out loud funny. I can just picture the whole event. Anyway, aren't you glad you have a servant wife now who gets her butt off the couch to get your must have popsicles. Lucky you, stupid me. love you!

7/21/2008 8:59 AM

Oh, you missed one minor detail about me being a bartender, having been up until 3 a.m. the previous night, and being an hour late to work on returning that day with the fridge...

But hey, what are friends for? :)

7/23/2008 1:17 PM

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