Brush With Greatness, Pt. IV  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

So, the point of these "Brush With Greatness" stories is not just that I met someone famous, but that something cool happened when I met them (I've actually met a lot of famous people, but most of those stories are uneventful). I have a few more stories to post, but one just happened TONIGHT!!

I am a huge Marx Brother's fan - seen the movies, read the books, watched every snippet of file footage, etc. Tonight, I was invited to "An Evening With Groucho", a one-man play done brilliantly by Frank Ferrante. Who should be in the audience, but Groucho's daughter, Miriam! Well, I knew somehow I'd have to at least get close enough to see her face, much less even meet her. But the cool thing that happened...the people she was with happened to be jazz fans and recognized me first!! They introduced me to Miriam Marx as if I were somebody! So cool...instantly I was able to share a moment with Groucho's daughter that wasn't just about me being a dorky fan...

She was very sweet, signed my book. I'd met Harpo Marx's son before at a concert I played and I thought that was cool...but this was Groucho's own daughter! Great night!

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That was a wonderful "brush" with Miriam. What a treat for a fan like you! Sorry I wasn't there to share it.

7/10/2008 7:03 PM

That's so cool

7/17/2008 4:57 PM

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