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For the next few days I will be participating in the Saddleback Worship Conference & Festival.

If you are one of the many attendees (or visitors to this blog), I'd like to offer you a FREE download of 9 of my most used worship songs (including MP3s, Lyrics and Chord Charts).

Take 'em, share 'em, use 'em (just report 'em to CCLI!).


And be sure to say "hi" when we bump into each other this week!

I'll come to your house for just $1,500.00 or more  

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What a bargain...
Of course, no bids yet...:)
And, no, this was not my idea...!

Happy Father's Day to me.  

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Top 10 Other Tony Guerreros  

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There are several other Tony Guerreros out there. I thought I'd introduce you to them, in case this one is boring you.

1. Tony "Ham" Guerrero - A legendary trumpet player from the 60's & 70's TexMex music scene. He lives in Austin and we met in person last summer. (His new CD will have a song of mine on it...!)

2. La Sombra De Tony Guerrero - A popular 80's Tejano music group from Chicago.

3. Tony Guerrero - A rock guitarist from San Francisco. Definitely looks like he could kick this Tony Guerrero's butt.

4. Tony Guerrero - Vice Chairman and group manager in charge of Retail Banking Group of First Hawaiian Bank and a strong community leader.

5. Tony Guerrero - The Plantation House Restaurant wine director and assistant manager.

6. Tony Guerrero - Actor and Voiceover Artist from Atlanta

7. Tony Guerrero - Bank of Guam board chairman, president and chief executive officer

8. Tony Guerrero - Hockey player (Concordia Stingers, on right)

9. Tony Guerrero - Police Officer in Sanger back in the 70's

10. Tony Guerrero - President of the Veteran's service oganization "Sergeants Major Association"

Can't wait 'til our annual Tony Guerrero Convention!

(Takes a lot of self-googling to come up with a blog like this!)


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Ever leave a comment on your own blog?

New CD on iTunes  

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My new CD is now available on iTunes.
(Actual CDs hit the stores June 10)

Just click HERE .

(For the record, some of my earlier CDs are also available on iTunes)

You should buy it. I'll like you more.