My worst day ever...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

A friend and I recently shared our worst days (that didn't have to do with anyone dying).

Here's mine:
On the day I signed papers for my first house, I watched as a monthly payment I was already freaking out about kept skyrocketing due to all the hidden expenses and "necessary" upgrades, pushing me far over my 'safe zone'. I drove home in a daze, sure I was headed for financial ruin. I got home, went to get the mail, and, lo and behold, got a notice that I was being audited by the IRS.

It took me about two weeks to get out of the fetal position.

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I used to ride my bike to college (in Idaho).... Well, I was in a rush to get to my bowling class (yes, bowling) and I was speeding along on a sidewalk that is parallel to the windows of a TON of classes, that were full of a TON of college students. My bike tire went off the edge of the sidewalk and I tried to jerk it back on but instead of it working, it got caught and I biffed it, face-planted into the grass. I know a bunch of people saw. My bike got all banged up and I was picking grass out of my teeth all day. The day before that, a moving truck ran me & my bike over @ a crosswalk (on my way to school) AND the day before that, a car sped by, ran through a muddy puddle and covered the bike and me in cold, gross, oily water. I hated that bike.... never rode it again.
I guess that's my "worst week ever"... Did I just blog on your blog??? Weird....

5/30/2008 10:29 AM

We are SO feeling your pain over here at the McTag's new house! We moved 2 weeks ago and EVERYDAY I PROMISE EVERYDAY we are fixing, upgrading, or taking something away (which still costs money BTW)...where did all the money go and by the way...where did we get all this STUFF!?!?
Packing, unpacking, and moving stinks...I have TONS of boxes if you need any!

6/02/2008 11:30 PM

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