Its Birthday Bash weekend!  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Every Memorial Day Weekend for the last 19 years(!) I have had the distinct priviledge of hosting the KSBR 88.5 Birthday Bash, a jazz concert unlike any other in the world. Why is it so different? Because there are about 30 headlining jazz artists each year who come to play - the top names in the business - but they come without their bands and without any rehearsal. They come to jam!

99% of the time, when an artist appears in concert, its with their own well-rehearsed band, playing music they've prepared for some time. At this event, these major artists come together to play each other's music - and they are seeing this music for the first time on stage in front of thousands. No rehearsal, no prep time, no idea of what to expect. It is the ultimate showing of world class musicianship. And its a blast!

Unless you're into jazz, you may not know these names, but artists like Larry Carlton, Bob James, Tom Scott, Joe Sample and literally hundreds more have graced the Bash stage at one time or another. (If you don't know jazz artists, imagine a concert where the band consisted of Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Celine, Billy Joel...etc. The Bash features the 'stars' of the contemporary jazz world.)

I've been with it since the beginning, watching it grow from a small ensemble and audience of about 75 people to becoming one of the most popular jazz festivals around, both with the artists and the audience (which now numbers in the thousands). The concert raises funds to help keep KSBR 88.5, a publicly supported jazz station, on the air.

If you haven't been, make this the year (its THIS Sunday, May 25, 5:30-9:30pm). This is the first year in a new location. You can get tickets through the station or at the event. (Info at KSBR.NET)

Here's a couple videos from previous years. . .remember, none of it was rehearsed, just created on the spot in front of thousands of people!

(If you don't see the videos and only see black space, click in that space and it will take you to the YouTube video)

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It sounded great FROM MY HOUSE! I wish I could have been there but there were TOO many boxes to unpack!


6/02/2008 11:33 PM

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