Things change  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

As we await the pending arrival of our son (not sure what he's waiting for!), it is really hitting us that our daughter Ella, who is too young to really understand what's going on, is going to go to sleep one night this week, and the sun will have set on her last day as an only child. Her whole short life has been led as the only child, getting all the attention, having run of the place - the only happy little life she's known. It has made us kinda sad, although we know she also gains a brother, a playmate, a bigger family, etc. But really, any moment now could be the end of her only-childness...tick-tock, tick-tock.

Nothing stays the same in life...a lesson we begin learning long before we can understand it.

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Oh long ago I remember feeling this same way! She will gain SO much more from her new sibling and bigger family...but if she could remember life now she would probably say being an only child was awesome! I said that about having 2...they woke up (at midnight) and there were 3, 8 years later, I bet they are wondering if they are still dreaming! All in all, YOU ARE BLESSED AND SO IS SHE!

4/08/2008 10:16 PM

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