Prepare to be rocked...or jazzed...or countried  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Okay, "countried" isn't a word.

If you haven't heard of these music sites, you're going to love them. Two great ways to listen to music online.
(Click on their names below and you'll be directed there)

First, my fave:

At this site, you can:
1. Pick your style of music (jazz, rock, country, pop, classical, etc)
2. Then you pick the mood you want (calm, positive, energetic, dark). You can combine moods, too, like "energetic & positive"
3. You can also pick tempos, and decade eras (50's, 70's, etc)

Then, this cool interface appears with some molecular-looking grid of songs you are about to hear that fit your criteria. If you like something you are hearing, you can instantly get artist info, link to itunes to buy it, and more.

Second, a product of the Music Genome Project:

All you do here is pick a favorite artist, like, John Denver or C+C Music Factory, and it will instantly create a radio station that plays only songs that sound like that artist. You can set up several stations and have more personal preferences as well.

Both are free! Thanks, Web!

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