My son, the hipster...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Our son, Nico (Nicolas Anthony) is due any minute. I've often commented that any son of mine is going to struggle to be raised with any sense of, um, male-ness...? After all, I don't watch sports, I don't drive big trucks, I'm not into pirates or any of the typical "guy" stuff (although I did just buy a bunch of power tools and haven't severed any limbs yet). Me - I would rather cook or shop than watch the big game. Poor kid is doomed.

The real problem is that this typical guy-dom fare is pretty much all you see on any of the little boy clothes - sports, trucks, dinosaurs, planes. And how do we decorate a little boy's room without baseball, ships or T-Rex?

We've solved both problems. We're forcing jazz on him. Jazz is cool and manly, right?

Of course, you can't buy a lot of "jazz" clothes for babies. So, I've designed my own by clicking here:

Voila, a Louis Armstrong Onesie!

And his bedroom? A Jazz Crib! Check out pictures by clicking here: Nico's Jazz Crib

I hope he doesn't get beat up a lot at school...

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It's fabulous! You are so creative! TOO easy to go with the football and truck theme...he will be unique and stand out...What a lucky kid!
GREAT music on that site too!

4/02/2008 8:21 AM

You can guarantee he will get beaten up a LOT!

4/02/2008 9:48 PM

I love his room, but there is always homeschooling! Seriously the room is adorable as I am sure Nico will be!

4/03/2008 8:38 PM

That is awesome. Jazz is very manly, of course.

Being beat up because your a musician and because you can steal the chicks over the jocks...a fair trade.

4/04/2008 11:22 PM

I have to apologize to you, but I realized over the years that Jazz is only cool once you're all grown up. All my friends in school who were into Jazz were big-time NERDS! lol Then again, I'm from Idaho so what do I know? :)

4/07/2008 3:24 PM and shopping?!? and you call ME gay...Don't worry uncle tom will teach him all about basketball, baseball, football, and women..and a little soft shoe too.

4/10/2008 3:38 PM

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