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Posted by Tony Guerrero

I just returned from a gig playing keyboards for David Pack. David was the lead singer for the 70s supergroup Ambrosia, whose hits include "You're The Biggest Part Of Me" "How Much I Feel" "You're The Only Woman" - you've heard him. I was struck by how cool it is to be able to touch people's lives without ever meeting them. His songs have been part of people's lives for decades now and they trigger memories for so many.

These days, anyone with a computer can have influence around the world. Even my own little lame blog is being read everyday by people from several different countries (I know this thanks to Google Analytics). People sitting around their bedroom in their underwear can cause shockwaves with just a few choice words and the click of a mouse. Musicians can network online and get their music - good or bad - heard by thousands.

But back then, someone like David had to really be at the top of his game and actually, literally "rise to the top" over everyone else who was trying to be heard. Not only did he do it, but his music has stood the test of time. I must say, aside from playing with great musicians (which I always love), I particularly enjoyed watching strangers singing every word to songs David wrote some 30 years ago...maybe sitting around his room in his underwear.

When it comes down to it, I believe that probably everyone at some time dreams about leaving a lasting legacy behind - something that goes beyond their daily sphere of influence (like family and friends) and actually touches people you'll never meet. Certainly, all artists share this dream.

Anyway, kudos David. Nice way to leave a mark.

(The photo is of the band before the show.)
Click the links below to see some vintage David Pack/Ambrosia footage:
"You're The Biggest Part Of Me"
"How Much I Feel"

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What a great group of people to be with. Wish I could have seen it!

4/27/2008 8:17 AM

What's with you & people sitting around in their underwear? :) J/K - I was thinking the same things about David and his talent. All you wrote is what makes singing for David my most favorite thing to do :) Glad we had you in the group this time!! Yay!

4/28/2008 8:53 AM

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