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Posted by Tony Guerrero

I am working from home for a while today, and it just happens that Candice has a coffee date with a friend, and she took Ella. So, 9:00am, and the house is peaceful, quiet and all mine. Temporarily.

Soon, it will be fuller than ever, because aside from the two adults who live here (one of whom makes a lot of noise!) and a toddler (who's sole job is to make noise), we'll have a newborn (who somehow comes into the world with more noise-making skill than any of us).

When the house is full, even though I love it, I find myself wanting quiet. But when the house is quiet, even though I love it, I find myself wanting noise. I guess the trick is learning to enjoy the moment as it presents itself - noisy kid(s) running around playing, laughing, crying, or extreme stillness and quiet, save for the occasional bird chirping in the yard.

Both such great moments that, no matter which moment you're in, you tend to miss the moment that's not there.

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Enjoy the noise while you can, Tony. This too shall pass and then you find a lot of quiet wishing you could hear the noise again. My "kids" are 52 and 49 now. A lot of time has elapsed since we had "noise" around the house. My grandkis are even 19, 16, 11, and 9 years old. So no babies now in the family. It's sad sometimes. But I enjoy what I do have. You will too!

4/12/2008 8:36 AM

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