Freaky things about Disney  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

1. Ever notice that, no matter which angle Mickey's face is, you always get a full-frontal view of his ears, never a side view? Check it out.

2. There's something freakish about the fact that Goofy (who walks, talks, sings, drives a car, wears clothes, plays instruments, etc.) and Pluto (who is basically a dumb, slobbering beast) are BOTH just dogs. Something went terribly awry in the species. (And how does Goofy feel about his best friend Mickey "owning" a dog?)

3. Donald Duck is nude from the waist down.

Hope this doesn't keep you up at night.

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3 comments really are a dad with little kids...Or you are a closet gay?!

4/30/2008 5:40 PM

I have to completely agree with Allison! What the heck brings these crazy thoughts to your head, is it lack of sleep? New babies, sleepless nights made me think of odd things but Mickey's ears NOT SO MUCH!

4/30/2008 9:59 PM

It's almost midnight and I'm laughing outloud..... Donald is pantless - HAHAAAA !

4/30/2008 11:52 PM

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