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Posted by Tony Guerrero

Well, yes, Julie is brilliant. In mere moments, she came up with the same basic answer that took me years to think of (I first head the phrase in Junior High and didn't think of an answer until sometime in adulthood). Sorry I don't have any prizes to give. But I recently read this explanation of the phrase and was deflated. Not only did it cancel out all the hard philosophical thinking work of my youth but it actually makes more sense.

ACTUAL MEANING: In the 1700s, pickles were commonly used as appetizers, as they on occasion are used today. The phrase could also be written as “Hunger is the best appetizer.” An appetizer is something which creates or whets an appetite, so essentially Franklin is saying, “Hunger is the best enhancement to your meal.”

Oh, well, I'm sure I have other positive attributes. I can't be brilliant at everything.

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