Thanks, Elmo.  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

These days, I am forced to watch a lot of children's TV. No, we don't let her watch a lot, but when she does, its not like she's watching the news. Anyway, it amazes me how bad some of the kid's shows are - bad stories, bad animation, bad music. It makes me really appreciate the good shows, and I must admit, I really like Elmo. He makes us all feel good about absolutely everything ("Guess what Elmo's thinking about? That's right - buttons!"). There are other shows that are decent, too. Curious George, for example. And while I first thought Teletubbies was the most bizarre, drug-induced show since Gumby, it helped reading on Wikipedia about their origin and the reasons behind what they do - suddenly they made more sense (still a little freaky though). But really, Elmo is king. Thanks, Elmo, for making the loss of my own TV privileges more fun. I could just tickle you.

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Wow, that is creepy!

3/08/2008 1:06 PM

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