The Second Half  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Tonight I got to be part of an evening paying tribute to this man, Morris Chapman, on his 70th birthday. If you know Morris, enough said - his name is usually followed with sighs and superlatives...everyone loves him. If you don't know him, I'll just say he is a legend in modern worship music.

Lately, I've been wondering about what will happen in the second half of my own life. Having just turned 41 last September, and having accomplished many of my dreams early in life, I wonder if, aside from raising my family, the rest of my life will be just kind of 'coasting'. I have my little corner of the world carved out: My family is growing and happy, I have good friends, I have a little recognition for my work, I make a living. All good, right? Just ride it out now...

But that thought makes me shudder. I'm a creative person at my core, and the thought of not being creative, not pursuing new things, new projects, not "mattering" - it keeps me up at night.

And then there's Morris. Morris is truly a legendary singer and songwriter in his field. And guess what - he didn't even start his music ministry until he was 40! Before that, he was a school janitor in Vegas. So, here's a guy who's most significant creative years happened pretty much where I'm at now. His legendary status was established during years I have yet to visit in my own life.

Sure makes me think - maybe I need to relax on this issue. Just do what I do, be who I am, and trust God for the rest. Maybe my best creative years are ahead of me. Then again, waxing philosophical like this may just be a sign of early senility.

Happy birthday, Morris!

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first of all, i adore morris chapman. sighs, certainly.

second of all, what people are drawn to in morris has very little to do with the songs he has written or the audiences he has held. morris is legendary because he spent his life seeking the Lord and asking Him for wisdom. he's the kind of man who you know got to be a little more like jesus every day. at 70, that's a lot of days, and his investment paid off. he looks a lot like jesus. no wonder people are so drawn to him.

so here you are. past the age of accomplishment. moving into the age of intimacy and honesty. beyond the superficial need for momentary success...deeper into seeking the Truth...learning how to love and how to desire more than what fulfilled before. the temporal doesn't satisfy anymore. that makes sense. it's not that you have completed what you set out to's that you know there's more in you.

it is not a shock that the most amazing men (and women) i know are all over the age of forty...they are people that make people like me want to keep going...keep seeking...keep learning...keep begging God for more and more wisdom (since it is the one request He promised never to turn down). so now is when the inane distractions of musical success fade away and you get to seek Truth in ways you never did before. next thing you know, that creativity you speak of is an overflow instead of a goal...a natural reaction...much like a singing janitor's. you get to be a man like morris chapman by living out days and reacting to grace. you'll get to be one of those men, too. in fact, come to think of it, you already look more like jesus now than you did when i met you. so that means something. more than maybe any of us give credit for.

look forward.

3/12/2008 2:34 AM

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