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I watched a movie tonight where an old man with no family asks to adopt a young man as his grandson so that he will have some legacy to leave. And just the other day, I was thinking about the thought of my own kids having kids, and how incredible it would be to hold a grandchild (no, this isn't another rant about my increasing age).

I've never really had grandfathers. Well, I had them, but one died while I was still very young so I have no real recollection of him, and another died long before I was born, so I basically grew up "grandfatherless". Its interesting how disconnected you can feel to family members you don't know or have never met, but honestly, sometimes I look at these pictures and they are much more strangers to me than family. Yet, these men were not just some distant people in my lineage - they were only one person removed from me. They had the same relationship to my mom and dad that I have to my kids. They would have loved me as much as my parents love my kids. These men are so close to me, and yet I never knew them. Their decisions - who to marry, where to live, how to raise their kids, etc. - had direct impact on not only who I am, but on my very existence. Not to mention who I'd end up marrying, who my kids are, what I do for a living, etc. My daughter is here because of them. These men are important in my life, and, I am their legacy. So are my kids. I have an obligation to 'strangers'. Wow.

So, I have nothing real profound to say, just taking a moment to acknowledge them and maybe even thank them.

(Pictures: Me on my maternal grandfather's lap, late 1960's, and my paternal grandfather as a young man playing guitar in an orchestra in Mexico, early 1900's)

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This picture of you and your Grandfather is amazing. It's almost like something out of a JFK book...though you look nothing like a Kennedy. (sorry)

3/19/2008 4:11 PM

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