Save your tapes...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I realize that most people who blog are too young to have much of their lives documented on audio cassette or video tape (I have friends who can only tell time from a digital readout!). But, if any of you have precious memories stored on tape - get them digitized! The shelf life of most tape is, at best, 10-20 years, so your old memories will fade eventually. I've purchased three separate units recently: VHS to DVD, Audio Cassette to MP3, Vinyl to CD. Not only has it allowed me an embarassing walk down memory lane, but I know all my old audio & video keepsakes will be playable, safe and backed up for decades to come. And CD/DVDs take up a TON less storage space than Video Tapes! Just a little fair warning from an old guy who now has years worth of old home movies to show you!

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Great idea... although there is some rest in knowing that some things will not be forever cached on Google!

2/18/2008 2:20 PM

that's good to know. so can i borrow yours?

2/26/2008 2:32 AM

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