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My little girl is a big ball of energy. Almost from the moment she gets up in the morning, she is running non-stop, burning rubber until naptime or bedtime. It is not uncommon for her, in her youthful haste, to bump her head, trip and fall, run into something. Thankfully, she has a high pain threshold - when she does get hurt, she cries for all of 30 seconds then moves on. But how I envy her - to just run through life with so much gusto, free of all cares, never stopping to plan her way or worry about the 'what-ifs'. If I had such a youthful abandon and less worries, I wonder how much more I would be doing in my life - what more I would see, what more I would accomplish, experience, enjoy. The crazy thing is, no matter how much worrying or planning of my steps I do, I still fall down and get hurt. And when I do, I whine about it much longer than 30 seconds. Maybe its because I have relied solely on my own, imperfect planning and plotting, and 'getting hurt' means I've failed or have somehow been gipped in the process. My daughter seems to only need a moment of comfort from mom or dad to move on - she just trusts that when something goes wrong, its on us to fix it. How much better would we live if we trusted God like that? Just lived with godly abandon, trusting him in our running and in our falling? Sad that we don't. Sadder still that my daughter will eventually learn from me and slow down.

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Excellent insight! The reason why God so often uses the Father/children & bride/Groom analogies in scripture is because they are the closest ways we can understand His relationship to us because we as humans enter the roles of father/children & bride/groom. So when we can experience first hand the relational aspect of these, we can understand better how God wants us to deal with Him. Yet as we "grow up", maybe a contradiction in this case, sometimes we get further away from what God really wants from us. Child-like faith and as you say Godly abandon. I have seen the same type of analogies through the life of my manchild brother. Maybe we should refrain from "growing up". :)

2/20/2008 12:43 PM

your kid is cute.

the end

2/20/2008 4:21 PM

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