My Wife  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

Just want to give my wife some props here...

Candice is on a retreat right now, hopefully getting a massage, a nice dinner and some laughs with her friends. Meanwhile, I'm on Daddy duty, and I have great fear that by this time tomorrow I'll understand just why she needed a retreat!

I work fairly hard and keep a lot of balls in the air with all my projects, and in between I get these great moments with my daughter. But I also know how, when I'm tired from a long day or have my mind on something else and my daughter is either in a bad, loud tantrum kind of mood, or just needs my attention, I find out just how impatient and selfish I can be. Candice doesn't have that luxury - its Mommy time 24 hours a day. The fact that she must constantly put Ella's needs above her own, without much of a break, is pretty amazing - especially since she'll say she loves it (most of the time!). I really don't know that I could do what she does everyday without losing my mind, even though I'm madly in love with my little girl. But thank God he wires us all different, and that she's here and I don't have to - poor Ella would get the short end of that scenario. But I am looking forward to my Daddy/Daughter weekend. I hope Ella doesn't regret it!

Anyway, hats off to you, Candice!
I love you and I hope these 24 hours are refreshing.
(You'll need to be refreshed when you get back and have to clean my mess!)

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my sweet husband! I'm so glad that after two years you finally GET IT! Yes, I had a wonderful time away- thank you!!!

3/01/2008 8:56 PM

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