I plan on failing...  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I know my limits. Try as I might to join the fray and start blogging, it will be nothing short of a miracle if I get past more than a couple weeks...but here begins my valiant effort. I think for my first entry, I will copy someone else's blog with a list I found interesting (these are my answers though!):

10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me:

1. I was arrested and thrown in jail once.
2. I lived for a year in a small mountain village in central Mexico.
3. I've had original cartoons published in magazines.
4. I don't remember who my first kiss was because it was in a 7th grade game of Spin The Bottle.
5. I wore a bathrobe to high school almost every day my junior year.
6. I was the soloist in my elementary school choir.
7. I was a Little League All-Star - twice.
8. My first actual stage performance ever was as a ventriloquist.
9. I have only been drunk once - when I was about 3 yrs old (long story, no arrests necessary).
10. I've been bucked from a wild bull.

Whew! I did it. My first blog. Now comes the embarassing part, where no one actually reads or comments.

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show off. this actually looks fantastic. thanks for reminding me once again that you don't need me at all.

however, i'm feeling pretty good about the fact that i already knew half of these things. i would request that your next blog perhaps include details on 1 and 9.

oh, and by the way, stewie finally won me over for good. with a sesame street flashback.

2/13/2008 10:45 AM


2/13/2008 2:57 PM

I want to know more about you playing baseball. I don't peg you for the athletic type. However I am willing to be corrected. So far, I have the upper hand at darts. Rematch?

About the blog, if you send me a reminder when you post a new post, I will read it just so you aren't a total loser.

2/13/2008 3:00 PM

jail - dang you actually have me beat on that one. i still have time though.

commenting so you feel like it matters. i am glad you posted you're own answers. a little more interesting that way.

greg vail

2/13/2008 3:13 PM

Great job Tony Lony! I really enjoyed this. Now as for #5 on your list....did you change bath robes everyday or was it the same one? And #9.....what a shame you peaked when you were 6!

Give me a review of the "Dean and Me" book....I am really interested in that!

2/13/2008 3:18 PM

Tony is my hero and only text's me when he's board or visiting mutual friends in nashville.....dme

2/13/2008 3:27 PM

This is a nice attempt at getting with "it". Now, stay with "it"

2/13/2008 3:48 PM

From Wikipedia:
A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

So look at you now! And I well remember you during a live radio concert from Ocean Ranch trying to direct people to your new website by giving out the address..." type h t t p then forward slash, forward slash, then dot, then w w w, then...." I think it took 27 minutes of valuable air-time and nobody knew what in the wide world of sports you were talking about!

So now that you've used all your best material...

2/13/2008 3:50 PM

I hope you last longer than I did... I think I still have a blog roaming somewhere out there in cyberspace but i can't figure out how to get back to it! So I understand your reluctance in blogland! But if you can do it, then maybe I'll give it a try again. So the pressure is on!

2/13/2008 4:24 PM

This blog makes me so happy in so many ways!

2/13/2008 10:05 PM

i'm tony guerrero. i whine a lot about being old and not cool. and then i get 10 comments on my FIRST DAY blogging. wah wah wah wah.

2/14/2008 12:31 AM

And you thought no one would comment. :o)

2/15/2008 10:40 PM

I'm SO dang excited I just found your blog! I can't wait for many many more!

2/20/2008 4:18 PM

I just found this and love it. I remember the KISS thing and the "Milk Club." The robes everyday our junior year with James too. It was a the year MASH went off wasn't it? Your family is beautiful and I feel so proud of all you have accomplished. Your mom looks great too !!!!

1/28/2009 10:03 PM

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