Heard Any Good Jokes?  

Posted by Tony Guerrero

I was at a session yesterday and we all decided to tell our favorite jokes.
Here's my two of my all time faves:

1. What's brown and sticky? (A stick.)

2. Two bats are hanging upside down.
One says to the other,
"Hey, I'm hungry - let's go find some blood."
"Are you nuts?" answered his friend. "It's the middle of night - we'll never find blood at this time. I'm staying here."
So, the first bat takes off alone.
Soon after, he returns, his face covered in blood.
"Wow!" said his friend. "Where in the world did you find blood at this time of night?"
"Well, do you see that tree over there?"
"I didn't."

What's your favorite joke?

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so this woman is in the checkout line at the grocery store. she has a head of lettuce, a bag of cat food, a half gallon of milk, a pound of beef, and a six-pack of beer on the conveyor belt. this guy comes up in line behind her, a little bit drunk, and looks carefully at her and her groceries. "you must be single," he says calmly. she looks a little bit shocked, looks at her groceries trying to figure out what tipped him off and says, "yes, actually i am single. but how did you know that?" he says, "because you're ugly."

2/26/2008 2:38 AM

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