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Embarrassing to admit, but I haven't been to a doctor for a physical since I was little...if even then. I honestly can't remember ever doing a full physical, I only assume I must have at some time, right? Anyway, I'm 41 and have spent a few years sure that there must be something wrong with me by now. I mean, I get headaches, body aches, colds every other week, and a long list of other ailments that have slowly turned me into a mild hypochondriac. And now, I have a daughter and a son coming, so the guilt of not getting myself looked at was getting to be too much.

Well, surprise, I'm fine. I went in for a full physical with our new doctor (easily one of the most humiliating and violating experiences of my life, but that's another story). After a week of being sure I'd be called in for "the talk", his report over the phone was just, "Everything looks fine, all your tests are good. Cholestoral is slightly high (204, should be under 200) so watch the red meat. And have some fish oil."

That's it? Years of negligence and all I need is fish oil and less bacon? Look, I'm not unhappy with the results - I want to be around for a while - but couldn't he give me anything to warrant coaxing sympathy from my friends? Or special treatment from my wife - "Sorry, honey, I can't take out the trash...foot fungus, you know."

Anyway, I'm good for another year at least.

P.S. Get checked!

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i wrote a song.

2/28/2008 11:49 PM

sorry honey, you wouldn't have gotten off that easily, sympathy isn't one of my God-given gifts.

2/29/2008 2:12 PM

Is bacon really a "red" meat???

3/12/2008 5:39 PM

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