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I wrote an article a couple years back that I want to share here - albeit in an abridged form - because its been on my mind again lately. Plus, since today is Randy Elrod's "Cultural Water Cooler" day (which you can visit HERE), it seems appropriate! Finally, while this blog is not meant just for Christians, expect me to get my church on occasionally!


As an artist, it is often easy to get caught up in our art for selfish reasons - its fun to do and we often get praised for it. As a Christian artist, we have to be extra cautious of these things and be sure that we dedicate our efforts to the Lord. It has helped me to think of much of my work, especially my songs, as "altars".

People don't build altars any more. In the Old Testament, we see constant examples where people built altars to commemorate God - something He's done, a promise delivered, a promise He's made, our dedication and obedience to Him. These altars were meant to stand for generations, to remind people of what God did in a certain place at a certain time.

Our songs (and works of art) are like altars. They can tell the story of what God has done even without us present, and they will stand as reminders long after we're gone, reminding future generations that God moved in our lives and that we acknowledged Him. And, unlike most altars, they can even go on without us, traveling the globe in our stead telling the testimony of what God did in our lives.

Creating art is fun, and it has its inherent personal rewards - that is God's gift to us as artists. But how much greater is our art when consecrated to the Lord, how greater the reward to see our art reflect His greatness and tell the story of His presence in our lives.

Just a thought to consider when you are creating your next piece of art - let it be an altar to the Lord.

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